Custom Wholesale Clothing Process – 6 steps to get easily

Before custom wholesale clothing, you need to know the process of clothing customization wholesale first, this can saves your time and improves efficiency. So what is the custom wholesale clothing process of clothing manufacturers?


1. E-mail contact and communication

(1). If you have any wholesale clothing and custom clothing needs, just send us an email or leave a message to us, our company’s professional sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

(2). Contact us by email to learn more about the needs of your clothing customization wholesale, such as:

(a).What kind of clothing do you want to wholesale? Casual wear? Sportswear? or other styles.
(b).What is the purpose of the clothing? Is it wholesale to retailers? or retailing in your own store?
(c).What is the approximate quantity of the purchase order? Including styles, fabrics or colors?
(d).Garment manufacturing requirements? Do you need printing, embroider, or sewing your own logo on the clothes?


2. The quotation and delivery response

According to your style, fabric, color,garment manufacturing requirements, and order quantity, we will calculate a competitive price to you, and tell you the approximate delivery date and determine the ordering intention. We provide small-volume custom clothing wholesale service. We usually recommend customer order more quantities in a order, you can mix the sizes , mix colors, because the cost will be cheaper, and after we have reached an agreement, we will arrange make sample for you, and then send to you for approve.


3.Confirm purchase order and sign contract

(1).When you have received the sample, you can check the style, fabric, color and size of the sample, and garment manufacturing requirements, such as embroidery, printing, and so on.Then send comments to us by email, so that the sample can be modified before mass production, prevent omissions and errors.
(2).After the sample, price, delivery date and payment method have been confirmed, We will sign an order contract .


4. Custom clothing manufacturing

After you have reach an agreement with us, we will arrange to produce fabrics and accessories. After fabric and accessories have been finished, we will arrange cutting, printing, embroidering, sewing, ironing, inspection, packaging to ensure that your order can be completed quickly and accurately. We have a professional inspection team to carefully inspect each garment to ensure that every garment sent to you is high quality. In addition, during the garment manufacturing process, we will notify you of the production progress of the order by email. If you have other special requirements, please contact with the sales manager as soon as possible.


5.Order completed and deliver the goods

After the production of the clothing has been finished, we will deliver them according to your designated address through professional logistics and freight. Generally, for the large quantity of goods, we will arrange to ship by sea on Shanghai port,if the quantity is not big, and you are more urgent, we can arrange air transportation or international express to deliver to you, logistics and shipping methods are generally shipped according to your requirements.


6. After-sales service

(1).After the delivery of the garments, our sales manager will send email to follow up, according to your comments of the clothes, to facilitate the follow-up service work.
(2).Our garment factory can provide long-term supply service for your company, and timely meet your custom wholesale clothing demand.
(3).In order to ensure the consistency of the next wholesale clothing order, we will keep a long-term archive of the style, fabric, size of your custom clothing. When you need to order the same clothing again,you only need to send us an email.