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Let’s face it- people will always wear new clothes. We are never going back to the biblical Garden of Eden where no one worried about wearing clothes. Therefore, if you have not started to wholesale clothing, you better begin today because this will always be a booming business. If you don’t know where to start, do not worry as this article will give a sneak peek of how to wholesale shirts from clothing factory and grow your business over time.

1.Do a feasibility study first

Understand the practical details of a wholesale shirts business first. A feasibility study will help you know how much profit you can make from wholesaling shirts. Here, you must do a cost-benefit analysis and know when you are in the money and out of the money. One advantage of this business is that it is straightforward. You place your order, get the goods delivered to you and you sell. The next thing is that you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

2.Consider the features and specifications of the shirts that you want to sell

There are several shirt designs and styles. Various brands of shirts are also available, each brand with its own set of features. There are shirts of different sizes, different weights, and different collar designs. If your customers are mainly women, be very careful with the colors you choose, since there is a divine relationship between women and some colors like pink and violet. Men are easy on the colors, but they look better in conspicuous colors than dull ones. Since there are several factors to consider, the best way to go about these mindboggling variety of choices is to buy virtually everything. Wholesale shirts of all sizes from the smallest to the largest. Wholesale shirts of all weights from the lightest to the heaviest. Wholesale shirts of all materials from cotton to polyester. There are also shirts made of eco-friendly material these days. Have those as well, as eco-friendliness is the daily environmental conservation mantra these days. In summary, have everything under one roof, and let the customers choose what they want.

3.Wholesale customized shirts

Who said you always have to wholesale readymade shirts? You can also wholesale custom print shirts to reduce the monotony of everyday designs by clothing manufacturers. Custom print shirts speak volumes. They help you tell the whole world what you are doing. One more advantage is that most clothing manufacturers offer amazing discounts on this type of shirts.

4.Wholesale shirts in bulk

Whether you are wholesale readymade shirts or custom shirts, there is always an advantage of wholesaling these shirts in bulk. First, you get great discounts on the prices. This translates into higher profit margins because of the reduced cost price. Secondly, it will be sometime before you make another order. Your shop will be fully stocked for quite some time. Consequently, it will be a beehive of activities as happy customers flock in and out of it in groups or individually. The transport cost per item is also greatly reduced when you buy in bulk compared to buying in smaller quantities.

5.Ask for help

Do not suffer in silence. Whenever in doubt, ask. This means that you need to work with clothing manufacturers who has an elaborate customer care unit so that you are not bogged down in the process of making your order for wholesale shirts. You will also need after-sales services, and that is why the customer care unit is an aspect you can’t afford to ignore.

6.Check the shipping details

If you are ordering from overseas, you need to know the shipping details in and out. This includes the shipping cost and speed. In some cases, delivery is done in just one day. Orders that have to be shipped overseas may take a long time to arrive, and you need to know how long it will take to have the shirts in your store. Urgent orders can be shipped via air, but the shipping cost is high in this case.

In summary, a business in wholesale shirts is bound to succeed as long as men and women continue wearing shirts. Clothing manufacturers are keen to manufacturing clothing for the customers all of the whole world and things can only get better with time.