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Whenever you wholesale custom print shirts from clothing manufacturers locally and internationally, you always have to be keen with every little bit of information. You want to get everything right from the beginning to the end to avoid disappointments and losses. You want to examine the shirts thoroughly to ensure that they fit your description of an ideal custom print shirts. Here is a brief guideline on how to wholesale custom print shirts from clothing manufacturers.

1.Pick your choice from the different styles of fabric

Take your time to know the shirts you want to wholesale. Set your priorities right. For instance, the style of fabric sets the tone of your sourcing order. This is because the rest of the shirts styling details depend on the fabric. Some printing shirts styles do not go well with some fabrics and some fabrics need certain sewing techniques. This clearly means that the style of fabric should be at the top of the things to check for when placing your shirts order. Choose a durable and easily-washable fabric that will go well with the rest of your styling preferences.

2.Check how fabric cutting was done

The fabric may be good, but how was it cut? You need a shirt that has been meticulously made right from the fabric cutting stage to the finishing stage. Manual and semi-automatic fabric cutting techniques do not produce the best quality of cuts. However, with the proliferation of computer-controlled fabric cutting techniques, fabric cuts are impeccable nowadays.

3.Consider the sewing style

It is also important to consider how sewing was done in the workshop. You may have no control over the sewing styles because they are dictated by the type of fabric and overall design of the shirts. However, whichever sewing style is chosen, the end product should be strong. Seam finishes should also be of high quality.

4.Consider the different printing styles of custom print shirts

Having chosen the fabric of your choice, now consider the printing style that will match your taste. Pick a modern fashionable style that will make a personal statement of style and décor. Modern shirt printing technologies are able to produce the trendiest printing styles for shirts for everyone. There are also various types of printing ink and you may need to consider that as well. Additionally, being custom print shirts, you have total control over the printing design, color, fonts, and images. Choose a one-of-a-kind design that will make you shine like a candle in dim light.

5.Custom print shirts quality control

The quality control department is one of the most important departments in the garment manufacturing industry. This is because it gives the final word when it comes to the quality of the garments. It verifies that all custom print shirts have been produced in line with the existing standards and regulations. A firm with a stringent quality control team thus gives you the feeling that you are in the right place.

6.Consider the shirts style packaging

Don’t ignore the style of packaging. Passing the quality control test is not the end of it. Attractive packaging is the icing on the cake. Normally, custom print shirts are neatly packed in plastic bags which are further packed in cartons. The cartons are further sealed to ensure that shirts reach the owner in perfect condition.

7.Consider the shipping speed and rates

You want to know how long it will take before your goods are delivered to you. You also want to know how much you will pay for these goods to be shipped to your address, wherever you are on the planet. Most shipments are done through the sea, but urgent orders can also be shipped through the air. The shipping costs and speed varies from the destination country to the other, but they are generally very reasonable.

8.Finally, does clothing manufacturers offer after-sales services?

Most clothing manufacturers are reliable in everything that they do in their businesses. Good clothing manufacturers will want to know how he will be of help to you long after your goods have been shipped.

Having considered all these aspects, now proceed and place your sourcing order. You will realize that it is as easy as ABC, as long as you know what you want right from the outset. Notice also that it will become easier, cheaper and more exciting in the future if you stick to one clothing manufacturer.