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Wholesale custom print shirts is easiest from clothing suppliers in China. They have the resources needed to do this at low costs. You need to consider place an order and just relaxing when they work on it and deliver the best. However, finding the best clothing suppliers to work with may be a problem. There are mainly two ways to wholesale custom print shirts from China including clothing sourcing offices, clothing companies, and clothing sourcing agents in China, and clothing trade fairs where clothing manufacturers can be contacted.

Find Clothing Manufacturers from China Exhibitions

For most professional wholesale custom print shirts buyers, attending trade fairs is inevitable. It is easy to approach lots of clothing factories without investing too much time in exhibitions. Global Source Fashion, Inter textile Shanghai Home Textiles, and ACLE are some of the popular clothing exhibitions in China. You could contact your potential wholesale custom print shirts manufacturer before you visit a show. Make an appointment in advance for the clothing manufacturers to make enough time for you.
Once you have identified a clothing manufacturer you can trust to give you what you need, get into a partnership with them. Give them all the purchase details of what you need and let them work on it. The main advantage of working with clothing manufacturers directly is that you get what you want. There are no middle companies who can change your description of the prints, fabric, design and other attributes of the shirts you want.

Try Clothing Sourcing Companies

If you don’t know how to wholesale custom print shirts from China, you could cooperate with clothing sourcing companies to assist you to find professional clothing manufacturers. Ensure your communication skills are effective to save both time and money. There are various clothing sourcing companies in China you can contact. Talk to several companies since some are designed for large businesses while others are recommended for both small orders and wholesale. Choose the one that suits you best providing you with the quality custom shirts you want.
A sourcing company will act as a link between you and the manufacturer. Find a good clothing sourcing company and they could save a lot of money and time.

How to find Good Wholesale Custom print Shirts Manufacturers

With so many clothing manufacturers in China, you may have a hard time choosing who to work with. Here we look at some of the things you should bear in mind when choosing the shirts manufacturers to work with. With these considerations and precautions in mind, you will surely make the right choice.

• Sample – To prove that the clothing manufacturer is not making tall claims, request for a sample. Most clothing manufacturers offer free samples to their potential buyers. You probably have to pay for the shipping fee. Some clothing manufacturers might bear the cost of shipping if you approve their sample once you place your order.

• Personal Attention – You can judge this from how the clothing manufacturers handles you from the time of contact. How professional is the company’s personnel? Do they respond to emails in time? Are they friendly? Ensure you get in all aspects. This way, you can monitor your custom print shirt production progress and ensure all your needs are met.

• Printing Quality – Now the clothing factory generally uses the environmental protection dye to print on the clothes. How vast are their options? Ask for all available options and choose what suits your design best. If you need further advice, consult.

• Delivery Date – Time is one of the most important factors. Ask if they are able to deliver the order by the time you want it. You may check the company’s reviews or ask previous wholesale custom print shirts buyers for their experience with your potential clothing supplier.

• Quality versus Price – Is the pricing reasonable? Check the price of bulk orders and compare it to that of minimum orders. Always go for high-quality products that are reasonably priced.

• Shipping and payment – See if shipping is express for all orders. Make a time allowance just in case of delays. Check the modes of payment accepted and see which one is most suitable for you.

With these information, we are sure you will be able to make the right choice. Choose a wholesale custom print shirts manufacturer you trust today and get the very best.