Project Description

Custom Men’s Wetsuits Wholesale Men’s Jumpsuits From Clothing Manufacturers

  • Custom wholesale jumpsuit wetsuit, waterproof and sun-resistant.

  • Professional wetsuit designer design, fashion and popular.

  • Produced by clothing manufacturers, fine workmanship.

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1.Product Details

Wetsuit has strong elasticity, This is a fashion jumpsuit, made of high quality 82% nylon 18% spandex UV-resistant fabric, sun-proof, UV-resistant, soft, comfortable, and it has good elasticity. After wearing wetsuit, the fabric will fully expand and close to the skin,resist jellyfish and safer when diving.You can determine the size that suits you according to the height. If you are obese, you can choose the big one size. Power Sky Clothing Company specializes in producing one-piece wetsuits, sun protection and comfortable, giving you a happy diving sports.

  • With four needles and six threads sewing technology, it is extremely dynamic and has a flat and high-strength seaming effect.
  • The cuffs are designed with a stretch convergent to prevent the cuffs from turning up in the water, It is very practical.
  • The front of the wetsuit is designed with high quality zipper for easy and smooth to wear.
  • The foot opening part adopts stepping foot design to prevent the trousers from turning up in the water and causing discomfort.
  • A double-layer anti-wear pad is placed on the inner layer of the zipper to effectively strengthen the body and protect the body.

2.Custom Clothing Process

Before custom wholesale clothing, you need to know the process of clothing customization wholesale first, this can saves your time and improves efficiency. So what is the custom wholesale clothing process?

1. E-mail contact and communication
If you have any wholesale clothing and custom clothing needs, just send us an email or leave a message to us, our company’s professional sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Reply the quotation and delivery time
According to your style, fabric, color,garment manufacturing requirements, and order quantity, we will calculate a competitive price to you, and tell you the approximate delivery date and determine the ordering intention.

3.Confirm purchase order and sign contract
(1).When you have received the sample, you can check the style, fabric, color and size of the sample, and garment manufacturing requirements, such as embroidery, printing, and so on.Then send comments to us by email.
(2).After the sample, price, delivery date and payment method have been confirmed, We will sign an order contract.

4. Custom clothing manufacturing
After you have reach an agreement with us, we will arrange to produce fabrics and accessories. After fabric and accessories have been finished, we will arrange cutting, printing, embroidering, sewing, ironing, inspection, packaging to ensure that your order can be completed quickly and accurately.

5.Order completed and deliver the goods
After the production of the clothing has been finished, we will deliver them according to your designated address through professional logistics and freight.

Power Sky Clothing Company is professional and leading custom clothing manufacturers & wholesale clothing suppliers, serving clothing retailers, clothing wholesalers and clothing importers all over the world. We have been helping our customers to customize and produce different styles of clothing products.

Power Sky Clothing Company has a professional and excellent clothing products research and development team. Innovative fashion is a design concept, and the harmonious combination of sports and comfort is the pursuit of design. We carefully research and develop all kinds of casual wear, sportswear, formal wear, work clothes, loungewear, cosplay costumes and other related apparel products! Our company has advanced clothing cutting and sewing equipment, skilled garment manufacturing workers, efficient inspection team! The company has a sound and reasonable service system. The efficient and responsible management team will be able to provide you with high quality custom wholesale clothing services.

3.Packaging and Delivery

Our company usually uses plastic bags and cartons to pack garments. The plastic bags are transparent PE plastic bags. We can print warnings words on the plastic bags according to your requirements. The folded garments are packed into plastic bags, then put it into the carton neatly. We usually print the mark on the side of the carton according to your requirements, including your company’s name, style number, color, size, box number, quantity, etc., so that you can easily check the clothing in the carton.

Our company usually export clothing by sea. If the quantity of clothing is large,and not very urgent,we suggest that you use ocean transportation, because the price is cheap. If it is urgent and the quantity of clothing is small, we can exports clothing by air or international express.